Vendor’s Village

Wednesdays from 9:00am – 2:00pm

Vendor’s Village and Farmer’s Market includes any number of great products and services, with different selections available each week. There is no admission fee for shoppers … come and enjoy!

The market operates seasonally, typically November through March.

Our 2021-2022 Season will run from November 17 through March 30.

Shopper’s F.A.Q

Is there an admission fee to shop at Vendors’ Village & Farmers Market?

No! Shopping is absolutely free and a great way to spend some time in the beautiful Yuma weather!

What types of vendors will I find?

Generally you will find a wide variety of craft-type items, commercial items, jewelry, and much more. There will also be a produce booth for your fresh fruits and veggies, and we often have other food items available.

Is there on-site dining available?

We generally have one food vendor each week to help satisfy the hungry shopper.

How will I know if the market is open if the weather seems bad?

We won’t be open if there is rain, but otherwise we endeavor to always operate provided conditions are safe. The easiest way to keep track is to monitor the market’s Facebook page at

Vendor’s F.A.Q

How do I become a vendor at the market?

Each year the vendor application and agreement is posted to the website by the beginning of September. We recommend contacting the church office at (928) 305-1132 to let us know you are interested and for more information on becoming a vendor.

What is the cost each week for a vendor space?

Vendors make a $15 per space, per week donation to the church, and there is a one-time $5 vendor application fee. A portion of this fee is generally allocated to advertising or other costs associated with operating the market, but most of the proceeds are given to the church’s local projects.

Will I be the exclusive vendor of my type of product?

We do not guarantee there will not be another vendor of the same type of product or service. We generally limit the number of vendors providing food for on-premises consumption and we typically only allow one vendor of any particular company’s product or service.

Is there a minimum number of weeks I must sell?

There are no long-term commitments. You can get a space for as short as just one week (although we do not recommend it because many shoppers will wait until they see you more than once before purchasing).

Do I have to pay for a space even if I cannot be at the market one week

No. However, if you are a “regular” vendor who almost never misses a week, it sure helps us if you let us know that you will be missing. Your customers may ask about you and we want to know what to tell them.

How early can I set up my booth?

Set up begins at 7:00am, no earlier. You may park at your space for a short time only to unload, and then move your vehicle to the vendor parking area. Vendors agree to stay open and fully set up until 2:00pm.

Am I required to have an EZ Up or similar tent for my booth?

No tent or canopy is required, although tents to help provide a more professional look for most sellers. It is also possible that food vendors will be required by the health department to have a tent. (Refer to the Yuma County Health Department for information.)

Are there permits required to have a booth?

Any permit is the responsibility of the vendor. The Church may require documentation of permits and/or insurance from certain types of vendors.

Please note that the church does not allow any products which may be considered offensive or against the church’s beliefs. The Lead Pastor has the final say regarding whether or not a product, service, or vendor will be permitted at, on, or in the market.

The full vendor application and agreement is posted here.

We do request that all potential vendors contact us at (928) 305-1132 to reserve a space prior to the day they desire to join us for this great event!