Upward Soccer

Spring 2022 Soccer League


Online registration is an easy and fast way to register, especially if you have more than one child.
Please note that if using a special discount code, each child must be registered individually.
We accept Credit Cards online.  You may register and pay by cash or check in person at the church office.
All player fees are expected to paid by the early registration deadline, or registration will be canceled.
Call 928.305-1132 or email info@desertgrace.org for information.

TEAM ROSTERS (When Available)
GAME SCHEDULES (When Available)

Back in 2013, Desert Grace was looking for a way to provide a safe, fun activity for the children in our community. While the church had a small field, it was barely used and no one in the congregation knew how to begin hosting any type of sports. A partnership was formed between the church and a nationwide organization – Upward Sports – and the rest is history.

Upward Soccer is a slightly modified soccer league designed to help players build skills while enjoying an appropriate level of competition – offered at multiple levels according to their age group.  Our youngest age groups will play a 4 vs. 4 game format, in which the goal is smaller and there is no goalie.  This allows the younger divisions to build their skills because they have more access to the ball – the entire team can participate in defending the goal and in scoring! 

Older age groups will enjoy a larger field, a larger goal, and a 7 vs. 7 format including a goalie.  This helps transition to rules and the format which more closely matches junior high or high school play.  This is also a far more competitive division than the younger players experience. We are expanding our high-school level recreational league to help our players continue to have a great experience on the field.

Team sizes are limited to no more than twice the number of players on the field at any given time to ensure that all players get to play a minimum of half of the game.  This allows all players to have a great chance to play and build their skills.  This is a recreational league, intended to be fun and educational.  Friendly competition is welcome but outstanding sportsmanship from both players and spectators is expected at all times.
Here are important details:
  We highly recommend the online registration option, and we request that you pay registration fees
  via credit or debit card with no additional fees.  We also offer the ability to register in-person
  during Church Office hours. Our typical office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00am until 5:00pm. We are closed Fridays.   
  We accept cash or check in person, and credit cards either during online registration or using the “Give Online” link below. Players who have not paid or made
  payment arrangements during the Early Registration period will be dropped from the league after
  early registration ends, and must re-register at the then-applicable rate.
  Player kits include the jersey, shorts, socks, and more.  The registration fee also includes
  the end-of-season award. We do not offer any discounts for multiple children from the same family.
  Refund policy is listed at the bottom of this page, please scroll down for information.
– SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE: Families qualify based on financial need and are expected to volunteer to help
  operate the league. For information about any of the scholarship opportunities, contact us at (928) 305-1132
  at info@desertgrace.org.
  Evaluations are not try-outs, but are an opportunity to help the league form even teams to help ensure 
  the very best experience for all of the young athletes.  Players should come ready to complete a few 
  simple drills during which they will be timed or goals counted. This is also when players ensure that their uniform
  sizing is correct. Please note that all players must complete an evaluation
  prior to being placed on a team. This is an open-house type event, plan for about 15-25 minutes.
  Practice times are determined in cooperation with parents, but will not take place on Sundays or Wednesdays,
  or game days. Upward rules dictate that this family-friendly league only have a single one-hour practice per week. 
  Practices are held at the church.
– FIRST GAMES: SATURDAY, March 12, 2022
  Games will be held each Saturday through May 7, 2022.  Games are held at the church in the mornings.
  There will be no games or practices during Easter Week (April 11-16, 2022)
– AWARDS CELEBRATION: SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022 (Tentative date, subject to change) 
  More details will be announced at the games!
We always need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, and other volunteers to help make this a successful season!
Refunds: We give full refunds for any or no reason until early registration ends. If a refund is requested
after early registration ends and prior to the first practice, there will be a $10 fee deducted from any refund due,
which is required to return the player kit to Upward Sports. After the first practice, there are no refunds.
We will not provide any type of refund if a player is unhappy with a team assignment, or a coach, cannot play
with a friend, etc.
This Soccer league is completely staffed by volunteers.  All of the income from donations, player registrations,
concessions, photo sales, etc. is used to pay for player kits, field/court maintenance, equipment, or other costs
associated with Desert Grace’s Upward Sports programs. Absolutely NO monies are redirected to church operations
or to pay any person associated with the league.
Please understand that you are not “paying for” coaching or referee’s services.  Coaches are church, community,
or parent volunteers who have been screened to help provide the very best experience for your child. We provide
coaches with training resources and feedback to help them provide top-notch coaching for the entire team.
We seek to have the very best coaches return every season.

Referees are also provided with training resources and feedback. As with any sporting event, different plays are
seen differently around the court/field and sometimes calls are questioned.

With this in mind, each player, parent, and spectator is expected to be positive and consistently show the highest
level of support to BOTH teams during each game. Coaches, referees, and league administrators are open to and
welcome constructive feedback offered during breaks in the action or before/after games.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Clint at (928) 769-4002
or email us at info@desertgrace.org.