Gods Gift to Us

When I was a brand-new parent, my greatest desire was to ensure that my child had the “greatest Christmas ever” and concentrated on providing that through gifts. There is just something about seeing a lot of presents under the tree that builds excitement and seems to guarantee a perfect evening of fun and celebration.


Funny thing was the kids didn’t seem to be all that interested in the gifts after the first day or two. (Okay, at the youngest ages the best thing about the present and what saw the most action was the box!) So I started thinking back to when I was a young child and remembering the anticipation of Christmas: the gifts under the tree and the excitement about what Santa might bring.


I very quickly realized that I hardly remember a single gift that I received in Christmases past. Indeed, the greatest gift that I received in all of those holiday seasons – and the real reason that I was eager for December every year – was the present of PRESENCE.


Indeed! In all of the little plastic toys and hot wheels cars and those awesome “life savers books” that seemed to be a part of every Christmas, the thing I remember most is the reality of sharing life together as a family and with friends. It was a break from school and from the everyday life hustle-and-bustle so that we could Just. Be. Together.


I suppose that’s what I really wanted for my kids, too … and boy, could I have saved a lot of money if I remembered that the most important present wasn’t the latest video game or hard-to-get toy, but the gift of presence.

So it is with the true meaning of Christmas. The Best Gift Ever isn’t in a box under the tree but is lying in the manger. The scene always depicted as a serene and peaceful scene with Jesus sleeping like a baby even amidst farm animals and the commotion of angels and the best news ever is one that introduces the presence of God in the midst of humanity.


Immanuel: God with us!


If you have never encountered the present of God’s Presence in your life, this year is a great year to learn more. You’re invited to browse the events below. Join us any Sunday as we explore God’s Presence through Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace. Bring the kids for a winter Vacation Bible School. Adults and children of all ages will enjoy the Christmas Workshop. We’ll even have a traditional candle-light Christmas Eve Service followed by Christmas Morning Worship.


Come and experience the BEST GIFT EVER!


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